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Mastering OpenLDAP Configuring, Securing, And Integrating ....pdf 2022




Bora. Bora is an in-memory Active Directory store that has been around for some time now. It is fully LDAP compliant (LDIF and LDAP), which means that its support for LDAP features are much richer than the native Windows Directory Service. It has many other features beyond LDAP that make it attractive to Active Directory Developers and Administrators. The great thing about Bora is that you can get started with it quite easily. It is also quite simple to extend it. It has no GUI, but it is really easy to install (just download and install). It is distributed as a Windows Installer package. The installer not only installs Boras software, but also sets it up to work with Active Directory. If you have AD, you should consider installing Boras for Windows Server 2003 or higher, as they use a very different schema than Windows 2000 and earlier. But the most important thing about Boras is that it is open source. Active Directory Developers and Administrators can use Boras to get LDAP features that are not available in the Windows Directory Service. The most popular third-party OpenLDAP-compliant in-memory store is Apache Directory Server (AD), which was developed by the Apache Group. Boras uses LDAP the same way AD does, so it is easy to use Boras with AD. Bora Basics Bora uses a two-tiered architecture. The first tier is the core store, which is the in-memory store. It is backed up by a replicated disk-based store, in a similar way that a traditional Directory Service is backed up. For those familiar with traditional Directory Services, think of the core store as the In-Memory Store, and the replicated store as the Active Directory Database (ADB). As long as the core store is available, any changes to the replicated store will be replicated to the core store as well. The second tier is the service tier. This consists of all of the functionality that the core store provides to the applications. It is like the directory service, with an LDAP directory, which is configured to work with the core store. It provides a variety of controls for setting and querying information about users and groups, including simple controls like allowing or denying users or groups access to resources, and more complex controls like Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). It provides controls for managing group membership, including per-group properties. It also supports a variety of commands for querying



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Mastering OpenLDAP Configuring, Securing, And Integrating ....pdf 2022
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