Meet the ReMM Team

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Atul Nanda

Founder and President

Atul is continually exploring new opportunities for material recycling, consulting and end markets. His previous experience included employment with both the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto (Assistant Manager-Recycling) and Laidlaw Resources (Marketing Manager-Eastern North America). Atul has over 25 years’ experience in the recycling industry

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Duane Maladecki

VP  US Operations

With over 25 years of business, sales and recycling experience, Duane is responsible for all aspects of ReMM’s U.S. operations. He handles all the recycling materials procurement, manages the MRF and supplier relationships and provides the long-term growth strategy for the entire US market.


Sherry Arcaro

VP – Consulting Services

Sherry provides solutions to municipal and commercial entities for all of their waste diversion and sustainability needs.  From working with recycling end-markets on packaging testing, flow studies at Material Recycling Facilities, to waste audits as part of Zero Waste and Sustainable Materials Management programs. Sherry has 28 years experience in waste diversion and sustainability in North America and is a certified TRUE Zero Waste Advisor.


Cathy Farrell

Director – Commodities Purchasing & Sales

Cathy has been directly responsible for handling the co-ordination of sales and transportation of material loads since ReMM's establishment. She brings 10 years of experience in the steel industry and another 22 years’ experience with recycling markets.

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Sam Hill

Director of Plastic Commodities 

Sam has an extensive background in both Industrial and Post consumer plastics. He is experienced in all commodity and engineered grades and looks to help his customers in both Sales and Procurement of recycled plastics. Sam is based in Canada and works with both Municipal MRFs and Private Industrial Recyclers. He has been involved in recycling for over 10 years.

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Becky Winch

Account Manager & Commodities Coordinator

Becky is responsible for co-ordination of purchases and transportation of material loads for ReMM and its affiliates. She is an adept communicator and the direct contact for inquiries involving logistics.

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Debbie Ilnisky

Accounting Operations

Debbie is directly responsible for the accounting and bookkeeping operations of ReMM and its affiliates. She is the main contact for inquiries involving payment and any other accounting concerns.